Angel Investors Wanted

The more an angel investor understands about executing and managing the fundamental elements of early stage investing, the better positioned they are for generating greater returns on their investments. At Angelsbootcamp, we offer you the tools and experience to execute early stage investment deals to increase investment returns, grow successful companies and create jobs.

Angel Investors Wanted

Angelsbootcamp is a Startupbootcamp initiative to train Angels across Europe and beyond…

Startupbootcamp - Best Startup Accelerator 2014

Angel Investors Wanted

Who is it for?

Angelsbootcamp is for any angel investor looking to hone their skills and connect with other angels from around the world.

What will I get out of it?

Master all aspects of angel investing through interactive workshops guided by seasoned veterans and industry experts.

Why is it different?

Angelsbootcamp is a no-nonsense, hands-on way to sharpen your angel investing skills. Just pure and focused angel sessions.

Angelsbootcamp participants learn through shared stories of success and failure. Battle scars will be revealed in a judgment-free and supportive environment. Connections will be made with other angels, many of which will continue to network and syndicate far after the event has completed.

At Angelsbootcamp, we deliver practical, actionable and relevant knowledge to the next generation of European angels – especially those aiming to become lead investors in the long run. Whether you are a first timer or an active angel, Angelsbootcamp is for investors who want to learn hands-on.

Angels Wanted

    • Entrepreneurs looking to make their first investment following a successful exit
    • Industry heavyweights who are looking to connect with exciting innovation happening outside the corporate world
    • Wealth management executives and representatives of family offices looking to diversify their portfolio
    • Active angel investors looking to hone their skills and take their portfolio to the next level
    • Start-up mentors, accelerator & incubator managers looking to make better choices

Join us

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Who’s Behind the Program

Alex Farcet (IFounder)

Co-founder and Managing Director of Startupbootcamp, a start-up accelerator with programs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin and Haifa. Partner at Rainmaking, a partnership of entrepreneurs (15 start-ups, 4 exits, many blow ups). LinkedIn


Startupbootcamp Berlin is the leading global startup accelerator with a focus on Smart Transportation & Energy – The Connected and Efficient Mobility of People and Goods. This is the first accelerator to run two programs focused on the same theme; the existing Berlin program has pivoted to the new theme, and a new program is being built in San Francisco with a planned launch Fall 2014.

Mike Doherty (Program Manager)

Extensive background in corporate investments, including the evaluation and underwriting of over $100 million in venture debt financing for emerging growth companies. LinkedIn


Our executive team offers insight, experience, and a hands-on approach to cultivate early stage concepts, products and services into commercially successful business opportunities. The team at Doherty & Associates has the collective experience, contacts, and vision to put emerging companies on track. Our competencies help both young and maturing companies succeed in the emerging technology and consumer sectors.


Partnering with Angelsbootcamp has many benefits. If you run an angel network or offer other special services for business angels, we can arrange significant discounts on our programs for your members/clients. Get in touch for details!

Angelsbootcamp is a Startupbootcamp initiative to train Angels across Europe and beyond…

Startupbootcamp - Best Startup Accelerator 2014

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