Angelsbootcamp Program

Join angels from around the world for an intense 2 days of interactive investing sessions run by seasoned veterans and industry insiders.

Angelsbootcamp is a Startupbootcamp initiative to train Angels across Europe and beyond…

Startupbootcamp - Best Startup Accelerator 2014


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Angelsbootcamp Program

2 days of interactive investing sessions run by seasoned veterans and industry insiders. A two-day master class bringing together potential and experienced angels* with tons of hands-on, real-life content ranging from term sheets to deal flow to managing syndications. Angelsbootcamp is a no-nonsense, hands-on way to sharpen your angel investing skills. Just pure and focused angel sessions.

  • On Day 1 – After a long day of war stories, best practices and term sheet battles, we head off to drink wine, break bread and let our hair down. In the past, we’ve dined at such fine establishments as FILETSTÜCK Prenzlauer Berg and Le Pont de la Tour London.  We promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • On Day 2 – we join the Investor’s Dinner Europe. At this highly exclusive event European angel investors and venture capital firms meet with innovative and promising SEED/EARLY-stage start-ups from the ICT sector. At an exclusive dinner location, start-ups will be seated together with carefully selected investors and will have the opportunity to pitch their idea and business plan. This is a unique opportunity to have meaningful conversations with up to 30 European investors (angel investors from Angelsbootcamp and international VCs such as Earlybird, Index, Balderton and Wellington). Each start-up will have the opportunity to talk to the investor guests during the course of the dinner.


Angelsbootcamp Pilot Event in Berlin from AngelsbootcampTV on Vimeo.

Angelsbootcamp Program Day 1 –

An intense day of interactive master classes led by veteran angel investors and industry insiders focusing on the fundamentals of deal sourcing and execution.

Introduction to Angel Investing  Is Angel Investing Right for You? 

  • Angels are accredited investors who:
    • Expect a financial return
    • Believe in giving back to their communities
    • Invest locally and regionally
    • Participate in the investment process
    • Show interest in personal relationships with companies and employees
    • Offer wisdom and guidance to entrepreneurs
  • Financial Attributes of Angels
    • Provide early-stage investment dollars
    • Invest smaller dollar amounts per investment
    • Partially fill funding gap left by venture capitalists (VCs)
    • Invest individual wealth
    • Can tolerate loss of entire investment
    • Have diversified portfolios
    • Invest with “patient money”

Angels and VCs –Differences

Venture capitalists:

  • Invest on “home-run” theory
    • ROI is ultimate goalAngelsbootcamp Program
    • Investing 3rd party money
    • Often more demanding and actively involved than angels:
    • Control often issue
    • Can requirement board and adviser approval and corporate actions


  • Invest for returns – may be more modest expectations
  • Social /community aspect to investments
  • Individuals investing their own wealth
  • Patient money

Getting Started

  • What Professional Investors Are Looking for: Investable Companies
    • Clear path to profitability
    • Solid management
    • Realistic business concept and plan
    • Scalable business
    • Competitive edge/Technical superiority
    • Market acceptance
    • Realistic financial projections
    • Realistic valuation
    • Clear, well-articulated exit strategy
    • Bottom line: Opportunity for financial return
  • Sourcing Deals
    • Network
    • AngelList and Angel Clubs
    • Syndication
  • Due Diligence
    • Risk vs Reward
    • People – What to look for in a Founding Team
    • Opportunity
    • KPIs
  • Term Sheet Basics
    • Common Terms
    • Fairness
    • Legal
    • Business

Being an Effective Mentor/Advisor: What entrepreneurs want and need from their Angel Investors

Angelsbootcamp Program Day 2 –

The second day builds on the skills from Day 1 and we invite seasoned Angels to join us to explore the ongoing challenges of Angel Investing. We begin the day with investment trends followed by hands-on start-up pitch sessions and applied evaluation discussions.

The focus is create and support a group of angel investors to syndicate capital, evaluate deals, invest in technology companies and mentor them towards growth and success.

Angel Investing Trends & Strategies

  • Trends in Raising Capital: Syndications, VCs & Crowd Funding
  • Building a Syndicate: Finding and selecting other investors – Enhance the interaction that opens up future collaboration with other angel investors from your region, as well as angels and angel networks throughout Europe and around the world.

  • Educating and influencing the entrepreneurial ecosystem (universities, economic development professionals, incubator and accelerator coaches, innovation agencies and policy makers) to service and guide their constituents towards more successful investments.

Portfolio Strategies

o   KPIs

o   Financials

o   Cash Burn

European Tax Credits & Strategies

Live Pitch Session with Pitch Coaching


Partnering with Angelsbootcamp has many benefits. If you run an angel network or offer other special services for business angels, we can arrange significant discounts on our programs for your members/clients. Get in touch for details!

Angelsbootcamp is a Startupbootcamp initiative to train Angels across Europe and beyond…

Startupbootcamp - Best Startup Accelerator 2014

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