Master Class for European Business Angels

To understand the master class concept, it is best to look at its origins.  The Master Class concept originated with musicians.

“In a master class, all the students (and often spectators) watch and listen as the master takes one student at a time. The student (typically intermediate or advanced, depending on the status of the master) usually performs a single piece which they have prepared, and the master will give them advice on how to play it, often including anecdotes about the composer, demonstrations of how to play certain passages, and admonitions of common technical errors.

The student is then usually expected to play the piece again, in light of the master’s comments, and the student may be asked to play a passage repeatedly to attain perfection.

Master classes for musical instruments tend to focus on the finer details of attack, tonephrasing, and overall shape, and the student is expected to have complete control of more basic elements such as rhythm and pitch. The value of the master class setup is that all students can benefit from the master’s comments on each piece”.


Finer Details of Attack

At Angelsbootcamp we understand there are many options for Angel investing 101.  Many of them or free or low cost.   And we think that may be a great way to get your feet wet, if your just beginning to explore Angel investing.

If however you want to learn best practices from seasoned Business Angels, we think the master class is better suited to address the finer details of attack.  We love name brand keynote speakers who share their expertise as much as the next guy, but we prefer the Socratic approach to learning.  The participants drive the discussions and the “experts” contribute their real world experiences.  It is less about the speakers promoting their agendas, than the participants working through the real challenges they face in investing: deal flow, due diligence and portfolio management.

Master Class for European Business Angels

The best way to get deal flow is through referrals – investors, entrepreneurs, founders, and employees of startups who know how to identify a good angels and will come and bring good deals to angels – Hussein  Kanji is a founding partner of Hoxton Ventures, a London-based early stage European venture capital firm.

I want to learn what is going on in the European Tech Start Up Scene, figure out where the opportunities are and share experiences with investors from Germany, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe – Arican Wetger Founder @ QBuy.

Accelerating Business Angels

By partnering with Startupbootcamp, Angelsbootcamp leverages the accelerator model to help angel investors excel.

Accelerators provide seed money, advice, and connections over a condensed period of time to help businesses grow. At Angelsbootcamp, we also provide advice and more importantly Master Class for European Business Angelsconnections to help participant succeed.  Participants meet potential co-investors, service partners and Venture Capitalists to begin building a network for successful investing.

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